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With 8 years of teaching experience in private and classroom settings, June's teaching style is flexible, diverse, and covers a wide range of musical disciplines. She places a high degree of emphasis of a holistic understanding of music as well as acoustics and audio. While guitar is her primary instrument music production is also a major passion. Guitar students will often be encouraged to learn the very basics of recording in order to create a catalog of musical progress. This is great not only for the students, but for parents who wish to keep these recordings as cherished memories.

Having developed her musicianship under several teachers in formal settings, June's curriculum teaches students essential knowledge relevant to all instruments including reading sheet music, ear training, and music theory all while learning songs that they know and love. This will give students the necessary skills often sought out by band teachers, ensembles, and music schools. But more importantly, this knowledge will allow students to effectively communicate with other musicians, giving them a greater ability to express their musical intent.

June is also willing and able to cater her lessons to the specific needs of individual students including disability accomodations both physical and mental. Students can feel safe knowing their their needs, tastes, goals, and identites will be respected.



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